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FUND Sell 10.05.2021 10:59

Microsoft Corp.: general review

There is a 3% correctional strengthening from the monthly low in the Microsoft Corp. shares. At the moment, the issuer's quotes are trading at a discount of 4% to the 52-week high of April 27. Over the past week, the instrument showed a rise in value by 0.11%, while the S&P 500 index added 1.25%.


TECH Buy 03.05.2021 07:47

Microsoft Corp.: wave analysis

The price is in a correction and may grow.

On the daily chart, the fifth wave of the higher level (5) of 3 develops, within which the wave 3 of (5) forms. Now, the third wave of the lower level iii of 3 has developed, and a local correction is forming as the fourth wave iv of 3. If the assumption is correct, the price will grow to the levels of 285.00–300.00. In this scenario, critical stop loss level is 231.09.