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FUND Buy 21.02.2020 09:02

XAU/USD: gold prices are rising

Gold prices show steady growth during today’s Asian session, updating record highs of February 2013. The quotes are supported by the continuing uncertainty surrounding the further spread of the coronavirus. Despite all the efforts of the Chinese authorities, as well as the relatively stable statistics of cases, investors are extremely sensitive to any new cases recorded outside of China.


FUND Buy 19.02.2020 08:51

XAU/USD: coronavirus – the instrument’s growth driver

This week, gold stays within a confident uptrend. As the CFTC data show, the number of open net speculative positions amounted to 308.0K, which is less than 330.1K last week, which indirectly indicates a declining demand for asset exchange contracts.


TECH Buy 17.02.2020 08:28

XAU/USD: wave analysis

The price may grow.

On the daily chart, an upward trend forms as the wave of the higher level C of (B), within which the local correction iv of C ended. Now, the fifth wave v of C is developing, within which the third wave of the lower level (iii) of v is developing. If the assumption is correct, the price will grow to the levels of 1650.00–1700.00. In this scenario, critical stop loss level is 1546.19.